Notary Services

The South Holland Public Library provides Notary Service during most hours of operation.

We recommend you call Public Services at (708) 527-3160 to schedule an appointment with one of our Notaries.


Please note:

  • The fee is $1.00 per Notary signature with payment by cash only.
  • Each person signing the document, including witnesses, must be present for us to notarize a signature.
  • The Notary must see you and your witnesses sign the documents. DO NOT sign them before coming to the Library.
  • You must bring a current, unexpired photo ID with your signature issued by a U.S. state or federal government such as a Driver’s License, State ID Card, U.S. Military Card, or U.S. Passport.
  • Witnesses must personally know the person whose document is being notarized and must be also have a current, unexpired photo ID as described above. The Library will not provide witnesses and witnesses may not be solicited from Library patrons or staff members.
  • Documents must be in English and must be completed with no blank lines.
  • The library cannot notarize I-9 forms, nor can we provide an Apostille (a form that certifies the authenticity of a document that is issued in one country to be used and considered valid in another.)